Brew & Browse August

Here’s a quick list of my recent buys over August — lots of colour as we move into Spring!


1. Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish: $4.99 Brightly coloured nails always cheer me up so these shades of Vibrant Rose and Green With Envy were a perfect choice.

2. Forever New Bay Printed Panel T-Shirt: $29.95 I love the hues of navy, purple and porcelain in this top — it reminds me that warm weather is just around the corner.

3. Priceline Medical ID Bracelet: $23.99 A couple of weeks ago, I randomly got DVT in my leg which travelled to my lungs, resulting in multiple pulmonary embolisms. Subsequently, I’m on blood thinner pills for at least 6 months, which can be dangerous if I have an accident. Medical ID Bracelets are a great way to alert first responders to my needs. There are lots of places online to get them, but it was easier to pop into Priceline and get a blank one to be engraved.

4. Kmart Ceramic Pineapple Jar: $9 During my time off sick, I was inspired to decorate the guest/study room. Pineapples are everywhere at the moment, so I had to get this bright yellow one

5. The Little Paris Kitchen Book This was a thoughtful belated birthday gift from a good friend who noticed that I have a small obsession with Paris. The recipes range from easy, everyday dishes, to summer picnics and afternoon ‘goûter’ (snacks), meals with friends and delicious desserts. It’s a book that celebrates the very best of French home-cooking in a modern and accessible way. 

6. Maybelline Dream Mousse Smooth Primer: $13.39 I’ve been meaning to try out makeup primer for months as to make my foundation last longer. To be honest, this is the first one I came across, but so far it’s working. I find that it creates a smoother canvas and I don’t have to touch up during the day now.

7. Kmart Be Happy Cushion: $10 Also for the study room — what’s more motivating than a cushion telling you to be happy?


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