Tyrol, Austria

The stunning Alpine region of Tyrol is a picturesque wonderland in summer, with miles of unspoiled nature in every direction. I have such fond memories of my time here; I almost felt like a kid again, as if I was playing out in the garden during the summer holidays.


We stayed in a traditional Gasthof during our stay, surrounded by open space and mountain views. And, what better way to explore than to hire mountain bikes and get out there! From cycling through green meadows singing songs from The Sound of Music to stopping at clear blue lakes, everywhere looked fresh and vibrant. 

A traditional Gasthof

Cycling through the mountains
Green meadows

We even stopped at a nearby village and headed for a quaint cafe for a Viennese coffee and apple strudel which was the best food decision I’ve ever made.

Afternoon tea in a local village

Vienna Coffee
Vienna Coffee

Apple struddel
Apple strudel

Back at the Gasthof, I walked into a cross-dress theme party. After dressing up, we enjoyed a fun-filled night of BBQ food, many shots of Schnapps and several games of football. 

Cross dress theme night
Crossdress theme night


Garden games
Garden games




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