Jervis Bay

I have wanted to visit Jervis Bay ever since my internship days at Australian Traveller Magazine in 2013, as I edited a piece that said it has the whitest sand in the world, which sounds pretty good to me!

A group of friends and I had been ‘planning’ a girls trip for months and after some changes and procrastination, we finally locked in Jervis Bay for a weekend away.  


Orion Beach

Located 2.5 hours away from Sydney, it’s a fairly straight drive on the highway, but of course, Google Maps redirected us to the scenic route, driving through the bendy Cambewarra Mountains and Kangaroo Valley. It takes the same amount of time and would have ordinarily been a lovely drive, but it was torrential raining with thunder and lightning so that was fun…


Orion Beach Cottage

We stayed at the Orion Beach Cottage in Vincentia via Airbnb, which is a beautiful little house with a large front deck and just 300m from Orion Beach. The weather was predicted to be awful, so we had prepared to play board games, but to our delight, the weekend held a perfect blue sky!


Orion Beach Cottage



We wandered over to Orion Beach, which is definitely impressive – that perfect white sand is real, and it was almost empty, so it felt like our own private beach. There’s also a newly constructed footpath, which lets you stroll along the back of the beach. Can you imagine living that close to the beach?! 


Orion Beach


Orion Beach

The weekend was filled lying in the sun, enjoying cheese and wine, watching Mean Girls and Bridesmaids, playing (competitive) games of Family Feud, and chit chat about anything and everything. 


Orion Beach


Wine and cheese night

On the final day, we ate breakfast at 5 Little Pigs cafe in Huskisson, which in all honesty is chaotic when trying to get a table and it’s a little too busy for my liking, but the food options looked great. I regretfully played it safe with the classic avocado on toast, but the others ordered the breaky burger, breaky salad and zucchini fritters and there were no complaints! I also spotted on their menu some choc wagon wheel pancakes with marshmallow, jam and fairy floss, which sounds fab but a bit too extravagant for breakfast, unfortunately. 


5 Little Pigs Cafe

Finally, we headed to Huskisson Beach, which is just as beautiful as Orion Beach, but bigger. There’s also the Jervis Bay National Park to explore, dolphin/whale watching cruises, and more pristine beaches, so as always, I will have to come back! Maybe to camp – watch this space… 


Huskisson Beach




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