Growing Up in the UK

While growing up in Manchester, Cornwall was always a family favourite for summer holidays, and I spent many a weekend camping in the Lake District as a Girl Guide, so it’s fair to say that I’ve seen my fair share of the southern coast and green hills. Continue reading

Tyrol, Austria

The stunning Alpine region of Tyrol is a picturesque wonderland in summer, with miles of unspoiled nature in every direction. I have such fond memories of my time here; I almost felt like a kid again, as if I was playing out in the garden during the summer holidays.

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After three wonderful days in Croatia, it was time for a long drive through Slovenia to get to Italy. We did, however, get the opportunity to stop for a guided tour at Postojna Cave – the best-known cave in the world. This web of passages was a refreshing escape from the tiresome road, and the cave train was a lot of fun too! Continue reading

Tirana, Albania

Next up, we set off towards Albania! The drive from Plataria isn’t that far (in fact, it should only take around three hours), but as there are no proper roads, only broken and cobbled paths so it took around eight hours and involved a lot of travel sickness. We eventually arrived though and were greeted by a lovely local man who gave us a brief tour around Tiarani. Continue reading