Las Vegas

Vegas! While in LA, we scoured the net for a hostel, but we stumbled across a double room at a Days Inn for $8.50 each per night. What an absolute bargain! It has got to be a con though we thought, but never mind, we’ll wing it and make alternative arrangements if needs must. So, we rocked up expecting the worse, but it was all perfectly above-board.

At this point, we had only been travelling for four days, but the way we reacted upon seeing our room, you would think we had been gone for months. “Oh my, we have cups! And tissues! Is that a hairdryer?!” Amazing.

225953_10150632758155305_107498_n247472_10150632758355305_1381893_n248658_10150632758550305_6860231_nAfter consulting our trusty guide-book, it looked like the Psalms Hotel was the place to be so we made a beeline for there and asked at reception for the club entry admissions – $35 for each club! Well, the nice lady must have seen our faces drop because she kindly gave us a guest VIP pass which permitted us for free entry to any club in the hotel. We decided to try Ghostbar first which had a security procedure that could rival an airport. Each checkpoint asked for our room number, so we always said our lie in unison and in a higher than normal pitch, hoping that this would fool them all – “room 376!” Oh my days, it was very impressive. This rooftop bar sits 55 floors above the Vegas strip, so the view was incredible. We stood there for a long time looking out in awe. We went through the same security process for the Playboy Club, and after looking longingly at the available deluxe seating area for a while, we decided to ask the bouncer if we could sit there. He agreed, as long as we didn’t make a mess and that we would move if a paying customer wanted it. Living the dream!

View of the strip
View of the strip
Rooftop lounge
Rooftop lounge

I’ll add here that the staff treated us like Princesses. A mere bathroom trip was a pleasure with service every step of the way. 

Palms Hotel
Palms Hotel


The following day, we walked the length of the strip and back, visiting all the major hotels along the way. My favourite hotel was The Venetian as it took me back to Venice and all my Europe memories. I loved many of them, but particularly; Flamingo Las Vegas (although those flamingos were difficult to find, and they don’t do much), Paris Las Vegas, Caesars Palace (“This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?”) and New York– New York. We also stopped to watch The Fountains of Bellagio which gave me goosebumps. NB: we saw a homeless man with a sign saying ‘Why lie? I want a beer’. Legend.

Paris Las Vegas with Barry Manilow on show
New York New York Hotel
New York New York Hotel
The Venetian
Ceasars Palace

That evening we decided to gamble, seeing as we’re in Vegas n’ all. Slight problem though, we didn’t know how. An attendant kindly explained the basics to us though, and we were off! I spent a dollar and lost it – last time I act so recklessly. Alice spent a dollar and won four! Wendy’s burgers were on her that night.



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