The Pie Tin

I watch far too much American TV and get insanely jealous of their Thanksgiving traditions, especially when mountains of sweet pie is on offer. I like pie a lot – it’s definitely my favourite type of dessert, but it can be difficult to find and I’m not much of a baker. 

Gossip Girl: Pumpkin Pie is Blair Waldorf's Thanksgiving favourite.
Gossip Girl: Pumpkin Pie is Blair Waldorf’s Thanksgiving favourite.

One pie that I’ve wanted to try for years is American style pumpkin pie, which I’ve been actively searching everywhere for over the past 6 months, with no such luck. That was until I was telling my work friends about my plight when one mentioned that I had to visit The Pie Tin in Newtown.  

The Pie Tin
The Pie Tin, Newtown

Located just off King Street, The Pie Tin is an industrial style cafe with exposed bricks and steel which gives it a casual/rustic atmosphere. Apparently, it can get really busy with ques lining up out the front, but we got there around 6pm on a hot Saturday evening and it was surprisingly quiet.

After ordering at the counter (along with a couple of ciders) and waiting for it to be called out, I finally had a piece of pumpkin pie sitting in front of me. It tasted just how I imagined it would – the perfect blend of savoury and sweet. It came with clotted cream, but the pie was moist enough so it wasn’t needed. Joe chose the Mars Bar Pie and inhaled it in around 5 seconds so it must have been good!

The Pie Tin: Pumpkin Pie and Mars Bar Pie
The Pie Tin: Pumpkin Pie and Mars Bar Pie

 There are around 30 or so sweet pie flavours to choose from, such as Sour Cherry, Black Forest Meringue, Banoffee, Peanut Butter Choc, Whipped Lime, and Coconut Cream. The Pie Tin also has a wide range of generously portioned savoury pies and sides of offer such as Lamb and Rosemary, Peasant Stew, Sweet Roasted Duck, and Shredded Pork with Apple and BBQ Sauce. For a full list, see here.

And to wash these down, there’s a great selection of craft beers and ciders, as well as wine, bubbles and coffees. Orders can be eaten in, or taken away, and you can pre-order over the phone. Whole sweet pies can also be pre-ordered so I think my Birthday cake next year is already sorted.

What? The Pie Tin

Where? 1A Brown Street, Newtown NSW

When? Everyday

One thought on “The Pie Tin

  1. BekyBoop says:

    I had the same goal after watching Gossip Girl! I once purchased a massive pumpkin pie from Costco in Melbourne. Not as top quality as the beautiful one you had but worth a try!


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