A Weekend in Adelaide

Adelaide – “the city of churches, with a pub on every corner” – has been on my travel radar for a couple of years now, and so over the Mothers Day weekend, it was time to cross it off my list.

My mum and I stayed at the Ibis Hotel on Grenfell Street in the CBD which is conveniently located next to Rundle Mall and is a 20-minute taxi ride from the airport. My first impression of Adelaide was that it’s very small, and looks exactly like Brisbane CBD, but it was a nippy day of constant drizzle, and I was still recovering from wisdom teeth extractions four days prior, so this most likely contributed to my negativity. However, after a wander around and a plan of action, we found more than a few gems to enjoy!

BTS Cafe was first on my agenda as I work with the company through work, so after 18 months of looking at pictures of their delicious cupcakes, I had to try one. This cafe has a classic pink and black feminine vibe – it feels like a treat just being in there. Their cupcakes are baked from scratch in-store, “with a whole lotta love and care“. As there are so many amazing flavours, it was difficult to choose, but we both went with the Princess Buttercup – a vanilla buttermilk cake with creamy vanilla frosting. They have a huge variety with quirky names, from the Turkish delight rosewater buttermilk cake with creamy chocolate frosting called the Bridget Jones, to the Banana Cake with a caramel centre and a meringue top called the Rumour Has It. 


BTS Cafe

That day we also visited the Adelaide Botanical Garden for a long walk which was made all the better by the red, orange and gold colours of the Autumn leaves. It’s very peaceful to stroll through, and a great place to get some fresh air and exercise, while not venturing too far from the hotel. 


Adelaide Botanic Garden

In the evening we explored the nightlife and I was surprised to find a Melbourne vibe of hidden laneways with tucked away bars and restaurants. We walked down Peel St which felt like an outdoor dining precinct and settled on Clever Little Tailor bar for cocktails, before moving onto Bread and Bone Wood Grill for chicken skewers and onion rings. 


Adelaide Botanic Garden

The following morning we headed to Le Carpe Diem for a Mothers Day brunch. It’s a lovely little French bistro with French staff, music and styling so I really enjoyed the experience.  It was fully booked yet the floor manager went out of her way to fit us in which was lovely. They specialise in crepes and other French delicacies, though of course we both went with the former and they were amazing. 


Le Carpe Diem

Next up was the Migration Museum which showcased a social history of the immigration and settlement of South Australia. It told the stories of different individuals and communities who came to SA, though I particularly enjoyed the Leaving Britain and Establishing South Australia exhibition. It gave a sense of what it was like for British settlers packing up and leaving home, making the journey to South Australia, and the first steps towards building a new colony.


Migration Museum

Aside from all this, due to our hotel location, we did a LOT of shopping and stocked up our winter wardrobes. I enjoyed the city weekend and next time I return to South Australia it’ll be to explore the countless beautiful regions there.

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