Seminyak, Bali

We’ve dreamed of going to Bali for years, and so after a few months of hard saving and a let’s just do it attitude, we bit the bullet and booked a 5 night stay in Seminyak over the Easter long weekend.

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New York

Ah, the city that never sleeps. We were beyond excited as we drove into New York on the Greyhound while listening to Alicia Keys’ solo version of ‘New York’ to set the mood. Continue reading


 During our Greyhound trip from Minneapolis to Chicago, we broke down in the middle of Timbuktu due to ‘unknown reasons’. As a result, we were stuck waiting in a car park for three hours for other coaches to come rescue us. Continue reading


While waiting to board our bus to Minneapolis, I was starving so I went to the station’s cafeteria to buy some food. Unfortunately, I was in between money transfers so I couldn’t afford anything bigger than a hash brown. Continue reading