Secret Swimming Spots on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

This summer, I’ve explored outdoor Sydney a lot more as a result of Joe’s new found love for fishing, and also to get out of our heat-trap apartment without having to spend money.  

It has been a great opportunity to discover new places, which are perfect for a quiet read and cooling dip in the water. 

1. Berry Island Reserve 

Berry Island Reserve has a beautiful green lawn overlooking the Sydney Harbour, but if you climb over a few rocks, you can find quiet gems like this!

IMG_20171224_160100_659.jpgThere are amazing city views, shady picnic spots under the trees, and if you’re stuck for transport, it’s only 650m from Wollstonecraft Station.

Where: Berry Island Reserve, 10 Shirley Rd, Wollstonecraft NSW 2065

2. Echo Point Park

Tucked away under the Roseville Bridge is this great swimming spot on the lower level of Echo Point Park. It’s a bit rocky to get down there, but there are fewer people to share the water with.


Where: Echo Point Park, Babbage Road, Roseville Chase, NSW 2069

3. Greenwich Baths

Greenwich Baths is a beautifully located harbour beach at the tip of Greenwich Point. It’s very busy with families on weekends, but I imagine it’s the perfect little swimming spot on a quiet weekday.


There’s a small entry fee, but the water is surrounded by a shark-proof net, and there’s a cafe, changing rooms, and showers on site. 

Where: Greenwich Baths, Albert St, Greenwich, NSW 2065

4.  Davidson Park Picnic Area

Davidson Park has large grassy areas, fishing and BBQ areas, and a Middle Harbour Creek backdrop. The northern section of the picnic area has a small beach with a netted swimming area.


Where: Davidson Park, Healey Way, Forestville NSW 2087

Can you recommend any secret swimming spots in Sydney? Let me know!

One thought on “Secret Swimming Spots on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

  1. Chris Holt says:

    These seem brilliant swimming spots and I can think of a few more too. What bothers me is the thought of bull sharks. Just how safe is it to swim in Middle Harbour? When I was a kid I found I was sharing Castle Cove with a juvenile shark. Juveniles have big mums and dads. I was out of there quick smart and I didn’t count the daisies!


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