Redcliffe Jetty | day trip to Redcliffe

Day Trip to Redcliffe

The last time I shared a post on Her Cup of Tea was in early March. Little did I know that I wouldn’t go on any more fun day trips for 3 whole months!

A lot has happened. The Coronavirus pandemic hit the world and we went into lockdown, but on the flip side, I started a new job and I moved house so I’m fortunate in feeling that this time has just flown by.

As restrictions started to ease, I felt the itch to leave my comfortable bubble and start exploring again. But where to start? Back living in Brisbane after 7 years away and now working in the tourism industry and learning about all of the beautiful places to visit in Queensland, I feel a bit overwhelmed. So, my plan of action is to start local and work my way out.

First on the list was a day trip to Redcliffe for a bit of winter sun, sea and sand. Just 25kms north of the city, this historic seaside village is the perfect coastal escape when you need a little fresh air and beach scenery. And bonus – it’s the home of The Bee Gees. 

Bee Gees Way | day trip to Redcliffe

Bee Gees Way

Of course, no trip to the beach is complete without traditional fish and chips, which the English-inspired Yabbey Road on Redcliffe Parade provides with a Beetles twist. The first thing you’ll notice is the queue lining up, but with ‘Love Is All You Need’ playing in the background, it’s difficult to feel impatient.

Yabbey Road | day trip to Redcliffe

Yabbey Road

With a 45 minute wait for our order (it must be great fish, right?), we popped next door to the Fudge Me, The Ole Lollie Shop, ‘where you can have a little bit of yesterday… today’. Love it. With an abundance of lollies and sweets from around the world (including the UK!), to all of those old-fashioned favorites, there’s something for every generation to enjoy. I came out with chocolate-covered sweets (lollies) and homemade Baileys fudge. Would 10/10 return.

Fudge Me | day trip to Redcliffe

Fudge Me, The Olle Lollie Shop

Finally, our seafood basket (battered barramundi, calamari, scallops, chips and curry sauce) was ready, so with a couple of ciders, we headed to the Settlement Cove Lagoon to enjoy it in the sun. With a fenced-off pool area for kids, waterfalls, and sandy bays, it’s a beautiful place but a little busy with families. Instead, we wandered over to the beach for a quiet view with a sea breeze. The seafood was delicious (worth the wait!) but the chips didn’t cut it – I need those soggy single-fry chips. The curry sauce also missed the mark completely. It tasted like jar curry sauce, poured into a polystyrene cup. Sigh. The British chippy search continues. 

fish and chips | day trip to Redcliffe

day trip to RedcliffeNot far from the main parade is Bee Gees Way, a 70-metre walkway which pays tribute to the band’s legacy. Although the Gibb brothers were born on the Isle of Way and grew up in Manchester, their family then moved to Redcliffe, where they achieved their first chart success, before returning to the UK again. This outdoor museum has more than 60 photos, 13 album covers, and snippets of information about their lives, set out in chronological order – all while playing the Bee Gees classics. We were playing them all the way home!

Bee Gees Way | day trip to Redcliffe

Bee Gees Way

Bee Gees Way | day trip to Redcliffe

Bee Gees Way

After wandering the Redcliffe and Woody Point Jetties, and exploring the local charity shops, there was a final stop on the itinerary at The Big Kid Ice-Creamery. With 56 flavours to choose from, there’s something for ‘the big kid in everyone’. I went with my usual butterscotch and it didn’t disappoint. 

The Big Kid Ice-Creamery | day trip to Redcliffe

The Big Kid Ice-Creamery

With more to explore in Redcliffe,  including the Botanic Gardens, Redcliffe Museum, and a walk up to Scarborough Beach, I’ll be back for another day trip to Redcliffe soon. 

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