Sydney Tea Festival

I grew up in England so tea is a vital part of my everyday life, though it hasn’t always been that way. Every morning throughout primary school, mum set the breakfast table with cups of milky PG Tips tea to warm us up before venturing outside. Yet, every morning we’d leave it to go cold as we couldn’t stand the stuff – you have to admire her perseverance!

Now it’s so integral to my routine that it’s difficult to imagine life without it!


Tealily Photography

I’ve recently branched out into different kinds of tea (it was a breakthrough to stop adding milk, and to simply enjoy the flavour) so I’m still exploring and testing the many varieties out there, but I’m enjoying the discovery. 

At the Carriageworks

Sydney Tea Festival at the Carriageworks Tealily Photography

By chance, The Sydney Tea Festival came to town – the first of its kind in Sydney. Held on a rainy Sunday at the Blacksmith’s Workshop at Carriageworks in Eveleigh, this event was a celebration of speciality loose leaf tea. Almost six thousand tea lovers braved the cold to browse over 40 stalls that showcased all kinds of speciality tea, home-wares, and delicious treats. Workshops hosted by leading tea industry specialists were also on offer ranging from how to blend your own tea, to making iced-tea and kombucha.

Sydney Tea Festival Brew Lounge

Sydney Tea Festival Brew Lounge Tealily Photography

I felt a little sick from tasting so many tea samples, but the lucky winner I decided to take home with me was a box of Strawberry Sunset Tea by Kettle Town. Based in Rosebery, their gourmet flavoured teas are encouraged to be accompanied by desserts which Strawberry Sunset is perfect for. It’s described as ‘A reminder of a tropical sunset with mango, passion fruit and berry notes in perfect unison.’

Kettle Town teas

Kettle Town tea Tealily Photography

Festival Co-Founder and Director of Tea Festivals Australia, Corinne Smith commented, “The Sydney Tea Festival has proven beyond doubt that the speciality tea revolution is happening right now – one cup at a time.”

The Sydney Tea Festival is due back in 2015 for round two. What’s your favourite flavoured tea?

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