Spit Bridge to Manly

Back in February when I was living in Brisbane, I sent my resume to every magazine and publishing house in Sydney to offer my unpaid services.

With my degree under one arm and several years of unpaid experience in the other, I naively believed that this would be my big break. However, despite sending dozens of emails, and making countless telephone calls, no opportunities came my way. 

AT_COVER-_50-web-new2I decided to move down in July anyway, and within two days I somehow managed to land a sub-editing internship with Australian Traveller Media. For the past month, that’s where I’ve been every Wednesday and I absolutely love it. I’ve interned at newspapers and magazines before, but Australian Traveller Magazine is the country’s best selling travel magazine so it’s exciting to be working at such a well-known publication, along with International Traveller. 

My role requires me to proof-read, fact check, research images and events, and to write subheadings and small snippets. This doesn’t sound very exciting, but it feels great to spend my day working on something that I enjoy instead of waiting on tables ever night.

I’ve already learnt several new skills, observed how each department works together and witnessed the dreaded deadline week. I even got my first writing assignment last week — a review on a 10km walk from Spit Bridge to Manly with Sydney Coast Walks, which you can read here.

Below are a few pictures from the walk. 

Water taxi from Sydney Harbour to The Spit


Lunch with a view

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