Quarter-Life Crisis

Last weekend I flew back to Brisbane for a much needed weekend at home to celebrate my 25th Birthday. I blew out candles, played in the autumn sunshine with my nephew, and cheered on the Eurovision contest with my lovely uni girls.

It was a a great couple of days, but I can’t quite believe that I’m officially midway through my twenties. In fact, I’m pretty upset about the whole thing. I guess it’s hard to admit that I haven’t achieved my career goals as I had hoped.

I’m sure my eighteen-year-old self is shaking her head at me, but I’ve become so disillusioned with the journalism industry that I’m seriously considering a major career change. I don’t have any savings, I’m renting at an extortionate price in Sydney, I’m working in a dead-end job, and I voluntarily moved away from my friends and family to do all of this.

Update: 2 months after writing this post I got a full-time job marketing/writing content job which later turned into a managing editor role and launched my career. Persistence is key!

insta.jpg 2

It’s hard not to compare myself with others who do appear to have it all but despite this being a rocky year with plenty of down moments, I try to take the time to remind myself of what I have achieved. I moved interstate to open up my opportunities and despite the many hurdles, I’m beginning to realise that I do have other skills and interests outside of journalism.10306247_10203512233028225_5547719187331202207_n10270664_10203512233788244_6804586818567571990_n10271568_10203512232988224_5691527772739606782_n10353131_10203512219947898_4581798174882090948_n

Who knows where the second half of my 20s will take me but i’m excited to find out.

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