36 Hours in Canberra Part 2

Part one can be found here.

Breakfast on Sunday morning was at Breizh Café, a quaint little slice of Brittany situated in the heart of Ainslie.

I always enjoy visiting little French cafes, and this place was no exception. A display cabinet full of wonderful pastries and cakes was on offer, perfect to have with a cup of tea or coffee. What really stood out though was their breakfast menu, particular the crêpes. I went for the simple sugar and lemon, but I wish I’d been more adventurous as a friend’s lemon curd and strawberries crêpe looked divine. If I ever live in Canberra, I know this cafe would be a firm favourite.

Mango. blueberry and strawberry sweet crêpe.

 Next up was a visit to Parliament House which was a lot more interesting than I imagined it to be.  It’s open to the public with full access to the public chambers and displays, and there’s the option to go up onto the rooftop which has an impressive view of Canberra. It’s easy to read the history as you go along, but I think if I was to go again, I would take up the offer of a free tour. 

Rooftop view from Parliament House

Our final piece of culture for the weekend was the National Gallery of Australia. The gallery was a little confusing to navigate due to major renovations taking place, but I enjoyed my time walking around nevertheless. I wish I had a deeper knowledge of art though in order to appreciate the visit more.

Finally, one last eating experience we took on before driving back to Sydney was Brodburger, popularly known as the best burgers you’ll ever try. Again, the wait was long – around 90 minutes, but there were markets to wander next door while we waited. And, for all the kids and big kids at heart, Brodburger have a range of board-games to choose from in the seating area.

I had the Brodchicken burger, which was filled with grilled chicken, brie cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and Spanish onions. It was as delicious as it sounds, and the sheer size meant it doubled as both lunch and dinner. However, it was awfully messy to eat as it fell apart halfway through, and although I enjoyed it, I’m not sure if I would wait 90 minutes again.

Image from @brodburger Instagram page

All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Canberra, and I would happily go again though perhaps in the warmer months to get a summer perspective of the capital city. 


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