Coochiemudlo Island

While settling back into Brisbane, I’m temporarily living in Cleveland which is technically in Redland City. It is a lovely, scenic place but I didn’t appreciate it much in my early 20s as it’s so quiet. Now, I see all of the beautiful benefits, including how close we are to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

There are a few islands to explore so I started with one I’ve previously visited and enjoyed — Coochiemudlo Island also known as ‘Coochie’. This treasure is super easy to get to. Drive to Victoria Point Jetty Ferry Terminal (or jump on the 274 bus) and you’ll find a water taxi leaving every 30 minutes. The trip takes a breezy 7 minutes and you arrive onto a beautiful, quiet island. Back in my youth, I half-walked across while the tide was out and swam the other half. Can’t see myself doing that again!

Coochiemudlo Island

As one of Moreton Bay’s most secluded and compact sand-fringed islands, Coochie is the perfect little day trip to soak up some sun and enjoy a swim. It’s relatively untouched by time or tourists so you can count on it mostly being quiet.  I went on a summer afternoon in February and I barely saw a soul.

The water was beautifully calm and you can find plenty of shady spots. Great for kids. Everything is in walking distance so you don’t need a car and when you’re ready for refreshments, you’ll find a general store and Red Rock Cafe near the island’s ferry terminal. They genuinely do great meals! I ordered a fish burger and it was delicious.

Coochiemudlo Island

If you want to explore, you can walk or cycle the island’s 5km walking heritage track to see all of its historical sites. Begin at the ferry jetty and follow the arrows. It takes around 2 hours at a stroll. More than half of the path is paved but the rest is on dirt or sand yet it’s relatively flat. You’ll spot a lot of wildlife too!

Coochiemudlo Island

I’ve just discovered that you can hire a bike which comes with a helmet and a map of Coochie so you can relax and have fun on Coochie’s quiet streets. I’ll be doing that next time! You can also hire kayaks, tinnies and BBQ boats.

Victoria Point Jetty Ferry Terminal: $10 return. Buy tickets on the water taxi with cash.

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